Chunfeng air condition creates a miracle that air conditions only cost 1-kilowatt per 6 hours.
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    Ground temperature air conditions adjust temperature at four seasons.
    New trends at Energy-conservation and Green
    Ground temperature is not only the biggest energy sources on the Earth, but the renewable natural clean energy.
    Using ground temperature belongs to the solar energy utilization, one of the best future energy utilization methods.
    Ground temperature air conditions have any characteristics, such as low energy consumption; energy-conservation; environmental protection and health, which are the most popular air condition in the new century.
    Extraction water easiness, but return irrigation difficulty is a universally acknowledged difficult problem. It is a bottleneck, which restricts air conditions' development
    We initiate the equal quantity extraction and irrigation technology, which find the new outlet for mankind using cheap ground temperature air conditions.
    Changjiang Chuanfeng ground temperature air conditions utilizating natural energy scientifically, are economical products which everyone can afford.
    Changjiang Chunfeng    Affordable and Utilizable Air Conditions
    Nantong City Chunfeng Air Condition

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